Harvest Sample Program: Submit your samples

Important dates
November 30

Mail your samples by this date.

December 31

We won’t inspect or analyze samples received after this date.

April 1

Last day to get your results online. After this date, you’ll have to contact us by phone or email.

Please submit your samples as soon as you finish harvesting your crop.

Step 1. Take a representative sample of your grain

Before filling your envelopes, it is important that you take a representative sample of your grain. Proper sampling, mixing and dividing procedures will help ensure the sample you send us accurately represents the quality of the entire lot of grain.

Step 2. Complete information on the envelope

Provide all of the information on the front of the envelope. The information you must provide may vary by commodity.

Important: We cannot grade your sample if the variety is not indicated on the envelope.

If you received an envelope for a commodity you didn’t grow this year, cross out the commodity name and write the name of the commodity you are sending in its place on the envelope.

Step 3. Fill the envelope

Pour a representative sample of your grain up to the “fill” line printed on the inside of the envelope.

Filling the envelope past the line can cause the envelope seams to burst.

Step 4. Seal the envelope

Remove backing paper from the envelope flap. Seal the envelope by firmly pressing the entire flap down.

Step 5. Mail it to us

Sample envelopes are postage-paid. Simply drop them off at any Canada Post drop-off location.

Need help?

Contact the Harvest Sample Program if you have any questions.

Please have your 6-digit Harvest Sample Program producer identification number ready. This number is printed on the brochure that was included in your Harvest Sample Program kit.

Email: harvest-recolte@grainscanada.gc.ca
Telephone: 1-800-853-6705