Harvest Sample Program

What is the Harvest Sample Program?

Get an assessment of your grain’s quality

The Harvest Sample Program is a voluntary program for Canadian grain producers. When you sign up, you’ll receive a Harvest Sample kit annually that contains envelopes for sending in samples of your crop at no cost to you.

In exchange for your samples, you’ll receive the following results that you can use when marketing and delivering your grain.

  • Unofficial grade*
  • Dockage assessment on canola and mustard
  • Protein content on barley, beans, chickpeas, lentils, oats, peas and wheat
  • Oil, protein and chlorophyll content for canola
  • Oil and protein content and iodine value for flaxseed
  • Oil and protein for mustard seed and soybeans
  • Falling number for wheat and rye
  • Vomitoxin (deoxynivalenol or DON) levels for wheat, corn, barley and oats

*All grade, dockage and quality results are assessed by the Canadian Grain Commission. The grade provided through the Harvest Sample Program is unofficial because samples aren’t collected by a Canadian Grain Commission inspector.

Mail us your sample(s) as soon as you finish harvesting your crop. We accept samples until November 30.

Results are available within 20 business days from when we receive your samples. We’ll email you your results as soon as the testing is complete or you can access them through your online account.

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