Certified Container Sampling Program (CCSP)

The Certified Container Sampling Program allows grain and transloading companies to take samples at their facilities and submit them to the Canadian Grain Commission for inspection.

A Certified Submitted Sample Certificate is issued with the results for the services requested.

Requirements for certification

To become certified, a grain or transloading company must have

  • a quality management system
  • samplers trained in Canadian Grain Commission-approved sampling procedures

Apply to become a certified third-party sampler

  1. Submit a completed application for certification (Word - 106 kb)
  2. Complete a successful annual audit of compliance with the Grain Sampling System Standard conducted by an accredited service provider
  3. Pay the applicable fees

For more information about the application, certification and monitoring processes, review the quality system procedure for certification and registration of grain companies under the Certified Container Sampling Program and the Accredited Container Sampler Program (PDF - 64 kb).

Certified container sampling process

  1. The Canadian Grain Commission trains a grain or transloading company’s staff to take samples following the Sampling Methods and Procedures Guide (PDF - 1.23 mb)
  2. The grain or transloading company’s staff takes a sample at its facility and submits the sample to the Canadian Grain Commission using the Certified Container Sampling Program sample submission form
  3. A Canadian Grain Commission inspector performs the inspection and issues a Certified Submitted Sample certificate

Sampling System Certification fees

Certification (3-year certification period): $1,110

Sampler Training and Assessment Footnote 1: $565 per student, minimum of five students

On-site re-assessments (per day, as required) Footnote 1: $1,100

Note – These fees are projected to increase annually.

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