How we use your samples

Even if you have a good idea of your grain's grade, send in your samples as soon as your harvest is complete. Your samples are crucial to help with the marketing of Canadian grain, evaluating our grain grades, and research that benefits producers.

Marketing Canadian grain

We use your samples to make crop quality data available to marketers to promote the sale of Canadian grain. This quality data confirms Canada's ability to deliver consistent, high-quality grain from year to year.

Evaluating our grain grades

We use your harvest samples to conduct research on grading factors to ensure the grading factor tolerances reflect their impact on end-use functionality. This research helps us make sure grading factors continue to reflect processing needs and protect the quality reputation of Canadian grain. Your samples also help us determine the standard samples that will be used to grade grain for that year.

Research that benefits producers

The Grain Research Laboratory uses your samples in scientific research projects. These research projects include finding new uses for grain to help create new markets for your product. Your samples enable us to research grading factors, grain quality and grain safety issues that may affect the end-use quality of Canadian grain.

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