Producer protection

Producer railway cars

Canadian grain producers are entitled to order producer railway cars for shipping any regulated grain under the Canada Grain Act.

Producer rights at delivery

Producers have certain rights when delivering grain to licensed grain companies. These regulations and rights are provided for under the Canada Grain Act and Canada Grain Regulations.

Final Quality Determination

If you disagree with a licensed primary elevator’s assessment of your grain’s grade and dockage, you have the right to dispute the assessment.

Payment protection

If you are experiencing delays getting paid by a grain company licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission, contact us immediately.

Claims, licensee receiverships and conditional licences

When the Canadian Grain Commission receives a complaint to the Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program that will result in financial compensation for producers, a claims process is initiated. The latest information about all active producer claims processes is listed below.

How to dispute your grain grade in eastern Canada

If you disagree with an elevator’s assessment of your grain’s quality in eastern Canada, your options for disputing their assessment depend on where you are delivering your grain.

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