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Licensed primary and process elevators as well as grain dealers must submit regular reports about their operations. This is required by the Canada Grain Act and Canada Grain Regulations. Failure to comply with obligations could lead to the suspension or revocation of companies’ licences. It is a serious offence to make a false report.

Monthly grain dealer reporting

Licensed grain dealers must submit a monthly report about their operations during the previous month. These monthly liability reports include outstanding payments and other obligations to grain producers.

Primary and process elevator weekly reporting

Licensed primary and process elevators must submit a weekly report about their operations during the previous week. Licensee grain handling reports are aggregated to produce our Grain Statistics Weekly report, which has provided important grain marketing information for the grain trade since 1921.

Primary elevator annual reporting

Licensed primary elevators must submit an annual report about their operations during the previous year. These annual reports include net producer deliveries and shipments to primary elevators in the crop year after all revisions are finalized.

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