Apply for a grain company licence

After you've applied

The Canadian Grain Commission will be in contact with you during the application process, and will work with you to complete your application.

Providing security

The amount of security your company must provide will be communicated after the Canadian Grain Commission has received your application form and reviewed your financial statements. Your licence will not be issued until you have provided the required amount of security.

Paying your licence fee

The Canadian Grain Commission will notify you of the amount of your licence fee after receiving your application. New licensees are assessed a full-term licence fee. The fee is calculated by multiplying the monthly licensing rate by the number of months of the anticipated licence term.

You may pay by cheque, American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Credit card payments can be made over the phone. Credit card payments for licence fees over $5,000 will be processed over multiple transactions. Once a credit card payment is processed, the Canadian Grain Commission destroys all credit card information. Cheques should be made payable to the Receiver General for Canada and mailed to:

Licensing and Security
800-303 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3G8

Receiving your licence

Once the Canadian Grain Commission has received payment for your licence fee, your licence will be emailed to you as a PDF. Your company will be listed on this website as a licensed grain company within 3 days of your licence being issued.

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