Industry Services Quality Policy

We will provide services that support the Canadian Grain Commission’s vision to be a world class, science-based quality assurance provider. The Canadian Grain Commission’s mission is to ensure the integrity and marketability of Canadian grain for the domestic and international grain trade, from producer to global consumer.

Industry Services delivers two of the Canadian Grain Commission’s three key programs:

  • Grain Quality Program (which includes Inspection Services, Weighing Services, Administrative Services and Operations)
  • Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program

The third key program, the Grain Research Program, is delivered by the Grain Research Laboratory.

We will continually strive to enhance our efficiency, accuracy and consistency through responsible resource management, technological and process improvements, training, and policy development.

We will adhere to established quality practices in our activities and continually seek and recommend ways to improve processes and quality.

This policy assigns responsibility for quality to everyone in Industry Services.

Gino Castonguay
Director, Industry Services

Revised date: July 19, 2023
Reviewed date: July 19, 2023

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