Orders of the Canadian Grain Commission

Orders of the Canadian Grain Commission include the variety designation lists as well as other orders. The Commission makes orders when necessary to fulfill its mandate. The Canada Grain Act authorizes the Commission to make orders, often making exceptions to the general requirements of the Act. Commission orders also may fix a rule of conduct for the trade, which has the force of law. The Canadian Grain Commission may rescind its orders at any time.

Other orders by order name, includes order number and date issued or amended

Other orders by order name, includes order number and date issued or amended
Order Order number Date issued or amended
Producer Car Order 2021-49 -
Non-Registered Varieties of Chickpeas, Soybeans and Corn 2023-27 2023-08-01
Terminal Elevators – Application of Mineral Oil to Grain 2023-28 2023-08-01
Excreta in grain 2023-29 2023-08-01
Fraser Grain Terminal Ltd., Surrey, BC 2023-30 2023-08-01
Ceres Global Northgate - Knowingly Receiving Infested Grain 2023-31 2023-08-01
Admiral Grain Company Inc. – Admiral, Saskatchewan 2023-32 2023-08-01
Busse Brothers Agri Services Ltd. - Eastend, Saskatchewan 2023-33 2023-08-01
Landis Producer Co-operative Ltd. - Landis, Saskatchewan 2023-34 2023-08-01
McCrea Acres Ltd. – Zenon Park, Saskatchewan 2023-35 2023-08-01
Red Coat Road & Rail – Ogema, Saskatchewan 2023-36 2023-08-01
Pederson Heritage Farms Inc. – Torquay, Saskatchewan 2023-37 2023-08-01
Poplar Hills Producers Co-operative Ltd. – Rockglen, Saskatchewan 2023-38 2023-08-01
R.G.V. Loaders Limited – Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan 2023-39 2023-08-01
Sexsmith Co-op Seed Plant – Sexsmith, Alberta 2023-40 2023-08-01
Southline Ag Services Inc. – Climax, Saskatchewan 2023-41 2023-08-01
White Mud Trading Co. Inc. – Frontier, Saskatchewan 2023-42 2023-08-01
White Water Coulee Cleaners Ltd. – Bracken, Saskatchewan 2023-43 2023-08-01
Pound-Maker Agventures Ltd., Lanigan, Saskatchewan 2023-44 2023-08-01
PKM Canada Marine Terminal Limited Partnership – Handling Sulphur 2023-45 2023-08-01
Société en commandite TerminalGrains.Ag dba Sollio Agriculture – Handling Wood Pellets 2023-46 2023-08-01
Halifax Grain Elevator Limited – Handling Wood Pellets 2023-47 2023-08-01
MobilEx Terminal Ltd. – Handling Potash 2023-48 2023-08-01
Fibreco Export Inc. – Handling Wood Pellets 2023-49 2023-08-01
ADM Agri-Industries Company Licensed Terminal Elevator at Windsor, Ontario 2023-51 2023-08-24
BP & Sons Grain and Storage Inc. Licensed Primary Elevator at Morden, Manitoba 2023-52-1 2024-01-15
Paterson Grain, a division of Paterson GlobalFoods Inc. Licensed Primary Elevators at Morris and Winnipeg, Manitoba Licensed Primary Elevators at Bowden and Daysland, Alberta 2023-53 2023-08-24
Rudy Agro Ltd. Licensed Primary Elevator at Outlook, Saskatchewan 2023-54 2023-08-24
Off grades of grain and grades of screenings   2021-08-01
Calculating moisture shrinkage for grain artificially dried at a primary elevator   2018-08-23

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