Trade memos (Memoranda of the Canadian Grain Commission)

We issue memos to provide:

  • Grading instructions
  • Information required to satisfy Canadian Grain Commission orders or regulations
  • Information about our procedures

Memos might include information such as:

  • grading instructions
  • requirements to obtain special permission, such as permission to store grain on the ground

Memos effective for 2021 to 2022 crop year

Trade memos listed alphabetically by name, includes memo number and date issued
Memo Number Date issued
Official Grain Grading Guide changes – August 1, 2021 2021-01 2021-07-30
Grain shipments to Mexico 2021-03 2021-07-30
Ruptured kernel tolerance 2021-04 2021-07-30
Application of mineral oil on all CGC-regulated grain 2021-05 2021-07-30
Direct Hit Shipments program update 2021-06 2021-07-30
Grains not regulated under the Canada Grain Act 2021-07 2021-07-30
Storage of grain on the ground, in bunker storage, or other storage alternatives 2021-08 2021-07-30
Moisture calibration and conversion table updates for moisture meters 2021-09 2021-07-30
Adding water to grain 2021-10 2021-07-30
GM wheat event MON71200 testing 2021-11 2022-03-04
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