Policy on Providing Guidance on Regulatory Requirements

This policy outlines the Canadian Grain Commission’s approach to helping regulated parties understand their regulatory obligations.


The Canadian Grain Commission is responsible for regulations under the Canada Grain Act, regulates grain handling in Canada, establishes and maintains science-based standards of quality for Canadian grain and certifies the quality, safety and quantity of export shipments of Canadian grain. Our research, programs and services help support Canada’s international reputation as a consistent and reliable source of high-quality grain.

The Canadian Grain Commission will endeavour to provide information to assist stakeholders’ understanding of their regulatory requirements.

The information outlined in this policy is applicable to the Canadian Grain Commission.

Building an awareness of regulatory requirements

The Canadian Grain Commission is committed to communicating regularly with Canadians and its stakeholders to promote awareness and understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, through direct communication with target audiences about available programs and services. This includes but is not limited to communicating through news releases, web content, information bulletins, advertising, social media, exhibits, events and regional outreach. As well, consultation opportunities may be found on the Consulting with Canadians website and are also identified in the Canadian Grain Commission’s Forward Regulatory Plan.

The Canadian Grain Commission develops guidance material adapted to the needs of regulated stakeholders and continuously improves accessibility of information regarding regulations and policies for regulated stakeholders. For example, the Canadian Grain Commission provides all our regulatory guidance documents to stakeholders on our Policies and procedures page.

Responding to enquiries

The Canadian Grain Commission commits to respond to regulatory questions in a timely manner, providing client-focused and consistent responses to regulatory interpretation questions. Responses will be communicated in the form in which they are received (for example, written questions will be responded to in writing) and in the official language in which communication was initiated.

The Canadian Grain Commission will ensure that all information about regulations as well as responses to regulatory questions are clear, objective, easy to understand and useful.

The Canadian Grain Commission’s website includes resources and reference materials regarding the Canadian Grain Commission’s programs and frequently asked questions.

The Canadian Grain Commission welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions. You can contact us to share your comments and ask questions about our programs and services.

Note that verbal and email responses to questions about regulations are not considered legally binding. Written interpretive responses are binding on the Department if all the material facts have been submitted, are accurate, and remain substantially unchanged. Furthermore, the interpretation applies only to the party requesting the interpretation. A written interpretive response to a question about a regulation can take 30 days or longer to receive depending on the complexity of the question. Requests for a written interpretive response must be submitted to the Department in writing.

Commitment to professional service

As outlined in the Canadian Grain Commission’s mandate, we are an organization dedicated to establishing and maintaining standards of quality for Canadian grain, regulating grain handling in Canada, and ensuring that grain is a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets, from producer to global consumer.

At the Canadian Grain Commission, we are:

  • Respectful – treat all colleagues and clients with dignity, fairness and honesty.
  • Client-Focused – provide relevant, efficient and adaptable programs and services for all stakeholders.
  • Responsive – provide timely and courteous services to clients and colleagues alike.
  • Accountable – good stewards of public trust.

The Canadian Grain Commission provides ongoing support to its employees by providing them with the necessary training to deliver high-quality, professional services and to provide information on regulatory requirements.

The Canadian Grain Commission provides services that are consistent with its regulatory obligations. Our service standards are a concrete and verifiable way that the Canadian Grain Commission can demonstrate it is meeting the expectations of our clients.

The standards vary depending on the type of service being provided, and are an essential part of the Canadian Grain Commission’s commitment to service excellence.

The following is a list of categories of our service standards for high-volume regulatory authorizations:

We demonstrate integrity with our stakeholders and employees by upholding the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector. We are committed to delivering quality service when responding to questions related to regulatory interpretation because we understand the importance of agriculture to our economy, communities, environment and human health.

Stakeholder engagement

The Canadian Grain Commission continues to welcome stakeholder feedback on regulatory issues, including the Regulatory Interpretation Policy, through its existing stakeholder communication mechanisms as well as via this webpage.

At the Canadian Grain Commission, we are dedicated to making a continual effort to improve our service to Canadians. Improvements to address the priority areas raised by stakeholders via this webpage and other channels along with the associated metrics will be posted on this webpage.

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette and Consulting with Canadians websites.

The Canadian Grain Commission tracks all client enquiries received through its 1-800 Client feedback phone line, received by the Canadian Grain Commission’s contact email box and ISO-certified Quality Management System. Details of these services are documented in an internal Canadian Grain Commission policy, including follow-up procedures to ensure that enquiries have been dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Date of last revision of this policy

This policy was last updated on March 29, 2019.

Consult the Canadian Grain Commission’s acts and regulations web page for

  • a list of acts and regulations administered by the Canadian Grain Commission
  • further information on the Canadian Grain Commission’s implementation of government-wide regulatory management initiatives

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