Regulatory Stock Review Plan

This Regulatory Stock Review Plan is a public list and description of planned reviews of regulations that the Canadian Grain Commission is proposing within a 5-year period. It is intended to give Canadians, including businesses and Indigenous peoples, and trading partners, greater opportunity to inform the reviews of regulations and to plan for the future. The Canadian Grain Commission reviews its regulations annually.

The stock review plan identifies a Canadian Grain Commission contact point for the planned reviews. The stock review plan will be adjusted and updated over time to reflect the Canadian Grain Commission’s regulatory priorities and changes to the operating environment.

Stock Review Plan 2022–2027

Title or working title of the regulations

Amendments to the Canada Grain Regulations

Enabling act

Canada Grain Act


To ensure that the Canada Grain Regulations continue to meet the needs of Canada’s evolving grain sector, including producers.


Federal Budget 2018 identified the agriculture and agri-food sector as a key area to pursue the Government’s regulatory reform agenda focused on ‘supporting innovation and business investment with a goal to make the Canadian regulatory system more agile, transparent and responsive’. Stakeholder submissions as part of the formal Regulatory Review Canada Gazette portal identified the importance of removing unnecessary and/or duplicative regulations. The Canadian Grain Commission reviews its’ regulations annually in order to improve efficiency and responsiveness and reduce inconsistencies in Canada’s grain quality assurance and producer protection systems.

Date of last review or amendment

Targeted start for review

Annual reviews of the Canada Grain Regulations commence in September.

Stakeholder Feedback

Not applicable at this time.


Not applicable at this time.

For further information

Forward Regulatory Plan: 2022-2024

Contact information

Contact the Canadian Grain Commission

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