Quality of Canadian food-type soybeans 2022

Harvest samples

Through the Harvest Sample Program, the Canadian Grain Commission received 21 natto-type and 225 generic food-type soybean samples. The geographic distribution of the samples was as follows:

  • 163 from Ontario
  • 72 from Quebec
  • 8 from the prairie region
  • 3 from the Atlantic region

All samples were graded by Canadian Grain Commission inspectors and had a grade of Soybean, No. 2 Canada or higher.

Composite samples were prepared for each of the regions shown in Figure 1. All composite samples were analysed for:

  • 100-seed weight
  • water absorption capacity / water uptake factor
  • protein content
  • oil content
  • sugar content
  • total isoflavones content

Protein and oil content were determined using an InfratecTM near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer grain analyzer, which was calibrated and verified using the appropriate laboratory reference methods. Sugars and isoflavones were analysed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Please note that samples reported by grade do not necessarily represent the actual distribution of grade.

Figure 1 Origin of 2022 food-type soybean samples received by the Canadian Grain Commission’s Harvest Sample Program

Map of Canada showing origin of 2022 food-type soybean samples from CGC’s Harvest Sample Program
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