Quality of Canadian food-type soybeans 2022

Growing and harvesting conditions

In eastern Saskatchewan, seeding was delayed due to wet conditions and was not completed until early June. Warm temperatures and timely rainfalls during the summer resulted in good growth except in the southwest and west-central regions. These areas were hot and dry which led to crops ripening prematurely and having low yields. The harvest of soybean crops in other areas was conducted under mostly dry conditions and was nearly complete (92%) by mid-October. The yields for these crops were above average.

In Manitoba, cool and wet conditions in the spring also delayed seeding in some areas for up to 4 weeks. In June and July, temperatures were below average and moistures levels were slightly above normal. Sufficient heat and moisture from the end of August to the beginning of September, allowed soybean plants to develop well and fill seed pods. By mid-October, 50 to 75% of soybean crops had been harvested. The harvesting conditions were good and the yields were above average.

In Ontario, a wet spring delayed the start of soybean seeding until the second week of May. Heavy rains and strong winds at the end of May extended seeding into June. Warm temperatures allowed soybeans to germinate quickly but extremely dry conditions in July slowed the growth of plants. In some parts of Ontario, there were periods of significant rainfall in August but rain was not always sufficient to fill seed pods. Harvest began in mid-September on fields that were planted early and by mid-October harvest was 70% complete. Overall, yields were variable due to the lack of moisture in some areas.

In Quebec, conditions were good for planting soybeans in May, followed by high amounts of rainfall in June. Temperatures in July were below average but in August average temperatures and high levels of moisture helped fill seed pods. By mid-October, 80 to 90% of soybeans were harvested. The harvesting conditions were good and the overall yield was similar to the 5-year provincial average.

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