Quality of western Canadian canola 2018


This report presents quality data and information based on the Canadian Grain Commission’s 2018 harvest sample program of western Canadian canola. Quality parameters included are oil, protein, chlorophyll, glucosinolates, free fatty acids and the fatty acid composition of harvest samples. Quality data are from analyses of canola samples submitted to the Canadian Grain Commission throughout the harvest period by producers, grain companies and oilseed crushing companies. The map (Figure 1) shows traditional growing areas for canola in western Canada with 2016 and 2017 production data. Samples received from the Peace River area of British Columbia were combined with Alberta crop district No. 7 samples. Averages of these samples will be referred to as Alberta-Peace River.

In 2018, Statistics Canada changed the production reporting data; they used Census Agricultural Regions (CAR) instead of Small Area Data (SAD) corresponding the Crop Districts for the 2017 Canadian canola production. In Saskatchewan, the new CARs do not correspond to the Crop Districts, while all our historic data are based on Crop Districts. This year's report still uses Crop District distribution. However, this will change next year to reflect Statistics Canada changes.

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