Scientific analysis of western Canadian canola harvest and export quality

Each year, the Canadian Grain Commission reports on the end-use quality of the western Canadian canola crop and export cargoes.

Harvest quality reports

Harvest quality reports

These reports are based on samples of western Canadian canola submitted by producers, grain companies and oilseed crushing companies. The quality parameters included are oil, protein, chlorophyll, glucosinolates, free fatty acids and the fatty acid composition.

Quality by crop year

This report presents information and overall quality data on the western Canadian canola crop.

Quality by variety

This report presents annual information and quality data on the western Canadian canola by variety.

Quality by province and crop district

Grade distribution

Historical reports available

For western Canadian canola quality reports archived since 1998, search Government of Canada Publications.

For canola quality data prior to 1998, contact us.

Export quality reports

Export quality reports

Each month during the crop year, the Canadian Grain Commission analyzes samples from export shipments of canola to determine the export quality of Canadian canola.

Methods and tests

Oilseeds methods and tests used to measure quality

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