Submitted grain sample inspections

How to request an inspection

Grain producers and grain companies can send unofficial grain samples for inspection. Grain samples are unofficial unless they are taken by a Canadian Grain Commission representative or other Canadian Grain Commission-authorized sample collection party. To submit an unofficial grain sample for inspection, download the form to request a submitted sample inspection and complete sections A, C, D, E and F. Include your payment information on the form.

To submit a grain sample for inspection through the Certified Container Sampling Program or the Accredited Container Sampler Program, download and complete the appropriate form.

Send your sample and completed form by mail or courier to the nearest Canadian Grain Commission office. You may also bring your sample to a Canadian Grain Commission service centre or regional office.

There is a fee for this service. Additional fees may apply for analytical services. The Canadian Grain Commission will send an invoice to companies submitting samples through the Certified Container Sampling Program or Accredited Container Sampler Program.

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