Experimental grades of wheat: Classes and varieties, cleaning, and grading

Classes and varieties

A variety from any class of wheat may be approved for eligibility for experimental grades. The class of wheat is noted in the remarks on inspection records.

Samples containing admixtures of registered Canadian or foreign varieties in excess of 5.0% by weight are graded Canada Western Feed.


  • Dockage is assessed using the procedures described in Chapter 4 of this Guide.
  • All special cleaning described in Chapter 4 is applied to experimental grades, provided that the grade can be improved.

Representative portion for grading

All grading is done on representative portions divided down from the clean sample, using a Boerner-type divider.

The terms “Minimum” and “Maximum” refer to the range of sample portion size to be analyzed when an objective factor is present. The optimum representative portion (see glossary) is determined by taking into consideration the tolerance and concentration of the objective factor being assessed.

See wheat chapter for Representative portions, grams.

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