Flaxseed: Export shipments

Export shipments can be commercially clean or not commercially clean.

Commercially clean (CCLN)

Export shipments are defined as commercially clean when the net dockage does not exceed 2.5% of the sample weight.

Dockage is reported to the nearest 0.1%.

A deduction for broken and reasonably sound flaxseed removed as dockage is allowed

  • On shipments from a terminal elevator, not for direct export, of up to 0.5%
  • On shipments for direct export, of up to 0.75%

Not commercially clean (NCC)

Export shipments that do not meet the standards for commercial cleanliness are referred to as not commercially clean. Such shipments are allowed only with the permission of the Canadian Grain Commission.

For samples representing not commercially clean shipments approved by the Canadian Grain Commission for shipment from terminal elevators, dockage is reported to the nearest 0.1%.

  • Instead of the allowances for broken seed in commercially clean shipments, a direct deduction of up to 0.2% is applied to establish net dockage for direct exports only.

Determination of dockage

Follow procedures for normal cleaning, with the Carter dockage tester set up as follows.

Carter dockage tester specifications
Feed control #4
Air control #3
Riddle No. 000
Top sieve Blank tray
Centre sieve None
Bottom sieve None
Sieve cleaner Off

You will also need the following hand sieves.

Round-hole sieves

  • number 4.5

Wire sieves

  • number 4x14
  • number 3x16

Composition of dockage

In export grade flaxseed, dockage consists of

  • Material that remains on top of the wire sieve
  • Material that passes through the number 4.5 round-hole hand sieve, less the applicable allowance of broken and reasonably sound flaxseed
  • Material removed by aspiration
  • Material that passes over the No. 000 riddle
  • Inseparable material up to established grade tolerances, handpicked from the cleaned sample
  • Material removed by Cleaning for grade improvement


Flaxseed on export is graded in accordance with primary and export grade determinants tables.

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