Canola and rapeseed: Classes and varieties

Canola and rapeseed are classes of the same botanical family.

This chapter describes dockage and grading procedures for canola and rapeseed. Canola has been used in the examples of grade names. If a sample of rapeseed is submitted for inspection, replace Canola with Rapeseed.

Important: Ensure you use the correct grain code. Codes are different for canola and rapeseed.


The term canola applies to varieties that meet the canola standards for low levels of erucic acid and glucosinolates. Production of canola varieties is widespread.


Rapeseed varieties are produced in small volumes, usually under contract. Shipments and submitted samples of rapeseed must be clearly identified as rapeseed.

Important: Canola and rapeseed may be visually indistinguishable. However, their end uses are quite different. If you are not sure if the sample is canola or rapeseed, send the sample to the Chief Grain Inspector.

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