Rye: Export shipments

Export shipments can be commercially clean or not commercially clean.

Commercially clean (CCLN)

Export shipments are defined as commercially clean when meeting the commercially clean specifications listed in the table below upon following the Determination of commercially clean procedures described in this chapter.

No dockage is reported for samples representing commercially clean rye.

Commercially clean determinant table, rye
Grade Name Commercially clean
(1) Small seeds % (2) Total, small seeds, attrition, dust, chaff and roughage %
No. 1 CW 0.05 0.10
No. 2 CW 0.05 0.10
No. 3 CW 0.05 0.10

Not commercially clean (NCC)

Export shipments that do not meet the standards for commercial cleanliness are referred to as not commercially clean. Such shipments are permitted only with the permission of the CGC.

For samples representing not commercially clean shipments approved by the Canadian Grain Commission for shipment from terminal elevators, dockage is reported to the nearest 0.1%.

A deduction of up to 0.2% is applied to take into account the buildup of attritional material for direct exports only.


Rye on export is graded using the primary and export grade determinants tables.

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