Introduction to moisture testing

Moisture testing means analyzing a grain sample for the percentage of moisture contained within it.

Moisture content can affect the test weight and the appearance of the grain. Grain that is too moist is susceptible to deterioration.

Moisture tests are performed on samples free of dockage.

Moisture tests on corn are performed after the removal of cracked corn and foreign material (CCFM).


Industry Services will determine the moisture content of grain with a Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA) moisture meter or with a Near-infrared transmittance (NIT) instrument.

Model 919/3.5” moisture meter conversion tables continue to be monitored and updated. Conversion tables, moisture calculators and guidelines for using the model 919/3.5” moisture meter can be found at

Samples testing within 0.5% (+) or (-) of the tough, damp, moist or wet cut off levels, are to be retested three (3) times using different moisture meters when possible. The final reported moisture content will be an average of the three tests.

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