Eight common insect pests - Sawtoothed grain beetle

Sawtoothed grain beetle

These beetles are more common in oats than in wheat, barley, or canola, particularly in southern Ontario and Quebec. The insects feed on dry grain, destroying the germ.

Appearance and behaviour

The adult:

  • Is brown and about 0.3 centimetres long
  • Has six tooth-like projections on each side of the thorax


Complete development from egg to adult takes about 22 days under optimal conditions, that is, when the temperature of the grain is 31°C to 34°C and the moisture content is 14 to 15 percent.

The female lays about 400 eggs loosely in the grain or tucked into convenient crevices. Eggs hatch in about three to five days and the young larvae begin to crawl about, feeding as they go.

Sawtoothed grain beetle image

Dorsal view of the sawtoothed grain beetle More on the sawtoothed grain beetle
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