Raison d’etre, mandate and role: who we are and what we do

The Canadian Grain Commission is a federal government department which administers the provisions of the Canada Grain Act. The Canadian Grain Commission’s mandate, as set out in the Act, is to, “in the interests of the grain producers, establish and maintain standards of quality for Canadian grain and regulate grain handling in Canada, to ensure a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets.” Its vision is: “to be a world class, science-based quality assurance provider”. The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food is responsible for the Canadian Grain Commission.

Mandate and role

The Canadian Grain Commission’s Core Responsibility is Grain Regulation, or, to regulate grain handling in Canada and to establish and maintain science based standards for Canadian grain. The commission regulates the handling of 20 grainsFootnote 1 grown in Canada to protect producer rights and ensure the integrity of grain transactions.

The Departmental Results of this Core Responsibility are that domestic and international markets regard Canadian grain as dependable and safe and that farmers are fairly compensated for their grain. The Canadian Grain Commission supports its Core Responsibility through its programs: Grain Quality, Grain Research, and Safeguards for Grain Farmers.

The Canadian Grain Commission delivers its Grain Quality Program in accordance with its responsibility under the Canada Grain Act to establish and maintain Canada’s grain quality standards and to regulate the handling in Canada to ensure a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets.

The Canadian Grain Commission delivers its Grain Research Program in accordance with the Canada Grain Act's requirement that the commission undertake, sponsor and promote research in relation to grains and grain products.

The Canadian Grain Commission delivers the Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program in accordance with the Canada Grain Act’s requirement that the commission regulates grain handling in order to ensure that Canadian grain producers receive fair compensation when they deliver grain to licensed grain companies.

For more information on the department’s organizational mandate letter commitments, see the Minister’s mandate letter on the Prime Minister of Canada’s website.

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