Supplementary Information Tables

Upcoming evaluations over the next five fiscal years

General information
Fiscal year (of the planned date for deputy head approval of the evaluation report) Title of the evaluation Completion of last evaluation Link to department’s Program Inventory Planned spending associated with the programs evaluated (dollars)Footnote 1
2017-18 Evaluation of the Analytical Services Program N/A Grain Quality Research, Quality Assurance 5,054,113
2017-18 Certificate Final Needs Assessment N/A Quality Assurance -
2018–19 Evaluation of the Licensing and Producer Protection Program N/A Producer Protection -
2018–19 Evaluation of the Quality Assurance Standards and Re-inspection Program N/A Quality Assurance -
2019–20 Evaluation of the Plant Breeder Support Program N/A Grain Quality Research 5,054,113
2020–21 Evaluation of the Grain Inspection Program N/A Quality Assurance -
Total organizational spending Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable. 5,299,113

Upcoming internal audits for the coming fiscal year

Internal audits
Title of internal audit Internal audit subject Status Expected completion date
Follow-up to Management Action Plans from prior audits Review Engagement Various In Progress May 2017
Audit of Entity Level Controls Policy on Internal Controls In Progress June 2017
Audit of Producer Cars Program Program Management Planned September 2017
Audit of Analytical Services Program Management Planned December 2017
Audit of the Health and Safety Program Human Resources In Progress March 2018
Information Technology General Controls Review Engagement Policy on Internal Control Planned March 2018
Audit of Service Centres Program Management Planned June 2018
Audit of Communications Services Internal Services Planned September 2018
Export Documentation System Development Advisory Engagement System Development In progress N/A
User Fees and Service Standards Corporate Initiative In progress N/A

User fees and regulatory charges

General information
Fee proposal name Proposal to amend Canadian Grain Commission User Fees
Fee type Regulatory (R)
Fee-setting authority Canada Grain Act (paragraph 116(1)(r))
Reason for planned change of existing fee or introduction of new fee Amendments are planned as part of the Canadian Grain Commission’s ongoing user fees review cycle. The review cycle repeats every five years.
Effective date of planned change of existing fee or introduction of new fee By fiscal year 2018–19
Consultation and review process planned The Canadian Grain Commission plans to conduct user fees consultations with stakeholders as per the User Fees Act during 2017.
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