Core responsibility

The Canadian Grain Commission’s Core Responsibility is grain regulation. To fulfill this responsibility, the Canadian Grain Commission regulates the grain handling system in Canada and establishes and maintains science-based standards of quality for Canadian grain.

Departmental Results

The Canadian Grain Commission works to achieve 2 key Departmental Results:

  • domestic and international markets regard Canadian grain as dependable and safe
  • farmers are fairly compensated for their grain


To fulfill its Core Responsibility and achieve its Departmental Results, the Canadian Grain Commission operates 3 major programs.

  • Grain Quality Program
  • Grain Research Program
  • Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program

Grain Quality Program

The Grain Quality Program establishes and maintains Canada’s grain quality standards and regulates grain handling in Canada to ensure a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets.

Under the Grain Quality Program, the Canadian Grain Commission

  • establishes standards, procedures and equipment for grading, sampling, inspection, weighing and other aspects of grain handling in Canada
  • provides grain inspection and safety testing, grain sanitation, grading and analytical services
  • provides weighing oversight, and grain quality and safety analysis and monitoring
  • collects and publishes information about Canadian grain

Grain Research Program

Research forms the basis of Canadian grain grade specifications and Canada’s grain quality assurance system. The Canadian Grain Commission undertakes and sponsors a wide-range of research on grain and grain products.

Under the Grain Research Program, the Canadian Grain Commission

  • conducts research to assess, improve and develop scientific procedures and technologies used in grain quality and safety determination
  • assesses Canadian grain harvest quality and studies how grading factors affect end-use properties
  • develops new uses for Canadian grain and evaluates new varieties as part of the variety registration process

Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program

The Canadian Grain Commission regulates grain handling to ensure that Canadian producers receive fair compensation when they deliver grain to licensed grain companies.

Under the Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program, the Canadian Grain Commission

  • offers payment protection to farmers who deliver grain to CGC licensed facilities
  • provides grade information to farmers prior to delivery
  • provides a binding determination of grade and dockage when there is a grade or dockage dispute
  • allocates available producer cars for grain farmers and producer groups that wish to ship their own grain
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