Operations adjusted due to COVID-19

In March 2020, we adjusted how some of our programs and services are delivered so we could safely provide mandated services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to effectively continue critical functions such as grain export inspections and producer safeguards using adjusted approaches. Most grain export inspection and weighing services have returned to regular service levels, with additional safety measures in place. Similarly, many activities that were temporarily suspended, such as research work and voluntary sample testing, have resumed or will be resuming shortly once the required safety protocols can be implemented.

Our goal is to restore as many of our programs and services to the Canadian grain sector as possible while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, grain sector colleagues, and the general public. We are assessing each adjusted or suspended program to determine how and when to bring them back as safely as possible.

Local and provincial restrictions are different across Canada and have been impacting our offices differently. Services will be provided at each location in accordance with public health guidance and best practices provided by local, provincial and federal authorities. We will continue to follow public health guidelines in all jurisdictions where Canadian Grain Commission employees are located.

Inspection and weighing of grain for export

  • As of August 1, 2020, we returned to our regular inspector capacity to provide onsite incremental analysis at the majority of our waterfront locations. There are a small number of waterfront locations where we’re unable to resume our regular inspector capacity because the locations are unable to accommodate health and safety physical distancing requirements.
  • Activities directly associated with official inspection and weighing of grain for export and submitted samples will continue.
  • Weighing Services will continue performing activities directly related to vessel loading and verifying essential weighing systems. The final certificate of weight will continue to be signed in person.
  • Where we cannot provide onsite incremental analysis due to health and safety requirements, we will arrange to have samples transported from the vessel loading site to a Canadian Grain Commission regional office using the most suitable method for each location (courier, inspection staff, etc.).
  • We will continue to provide grading results, Certificates Final, and other documentation with no changes.

Requirements for licensed grain companies

If you operate a licensed grain company, your obligations under the Canada Grain Act and Canada Grain Regulations are still in effect. Submit your documentation to Notify the Canadian Grain Commission if you are experiencing a delay that may impact your ability to meet your reporting obligations.

Payment protection for producers

The Canadian Grain Commission will continue to:

  • offer payment protection to farmers who deliver grain to Canadian Grain Commission-licensed facilities
  • provide binding determination of grade and dockage when there is a grade or dockage dispute
  • allocate available producer cars for grain farmers and producer groups that wish to ship their own grain

If you are having trouble getting paid promptly or getting the proper grade, dockage or weight for your grain deliveries, email

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