Moisture content calculator for Canadian grains

To use a model 919/3.5” or equivalent moisture meter to measure moisture content

  1. Take a sample of grain and make sure it is free of dockage
  2. Follow these instructions to calibrate your Model 919/3.5" or equivalent moisture meter
  3. Select the grain class and load the calculator
  4. Weigh the appropriate sample size based on the grain selected
  5. Place the sample in the warm-up container or dump cylinder
  6. Take the temperature of your grain and record the temperature
    • If the temperature is below 11°C or above 30°C, keep your grain in airtight container until the temperature is between 11°C to 30°C, then proceed with testing Go to related form input field.
  1. Take a meter reading and record the result
  2. Repeat step 7 twice more for a total of 3 moisture meter readings
  3. Calculate the average of 3 meter readings Go to related form input field.
  1. Enter the temperature and average meter reading in the calculator, and select "Calculate"

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