Subject to Inspector's Grade and Dockage

Resolving grain grade disputes

If you (includes anyone delivering grain on your behalf) disagree with the licensed primary elevator’s assessment of your grain’s grade, dockage, moisture or protein, you have the right to ask that a sample be sent to us at the Canadian Grain Commission for a binding decision. This service is an inspection Subject to Inspector’s Grade and Dockage.

Send a grain sample

  1. Tell the primary elevator operator at the time of your delivery that you disagree with the grade or quality factor or factors assessed.
  2. Ask the primary elevator operator to send a representative sample of your grain to the Canadian Grain Commission for an inspection Subject to inspector's grade and dockage. A representative sample is one that both you and the primary elevator operator agree is representative of your entire load.
  3. The primary elevator operator will:
    • Place 1000 grams of your sample in an unbreakable container. Both you and the elevator operator must agree that the container will maintain the quality of the grain sample. If moisture content is being disputed, the container must be airtight.
    • Label the container: Subject to Inspector’s Grade and Dockage.
    • Complete an I-106 - Producer and industry request for inspection services- Western Canada.
    • Send the completed form and the representative sample to the nearest Canadian Grain Commission service centre.
    • Issue you an interim primary elevator receipt.

Get the inspection results

  1. Once our service centre receives your sample, a Canadian Grain Commission inspector:
    • Inspects the sample and determines the grade, dockage, moisture content and protein content, if applicable.
    • Sends these results on a Submitted Sample Certificate (S) to each person named in the request.
  2. Once the results are received, the primary elevator operator exchanges the interim primary elevator receipt for a primary elevator receipt, cash purchase ticket or cheque that shows the sample’s results.
  3. We send an invoice for the cost of this service to the primary elevator at the end of the month. This will need to be paid by either you or the primary elevator operator.

Make an appeal to the Chief Grain Inspector for Canada

If you disagree with the results provided by the Canadian Grain Commission inspector, you have the right to appeal within 15 days from the date on the Submitted Sample Certificate (S).

  1. To appeal, contact the Canadian Grain Commission service centre and ask that your sample be sent for inspection to the Chief Grain Inspector for Canada.
  2. The Chief Grain Inspector for Canada inspects your sample and provides a decision that is final and binding.
  3. We send each person named in the request a record of the Chief Grain Inspector’s decision. If the Chief Grain Inspector changes the grading results, you and the primary elevator operator will receive a revised certificate.


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