Optional weighing of railway cars, trucks, containers


Fees shown are before tax. The applicable taxes (Goods and Services Tax and provincial sales tax in Quebec) will be collected on these fees.

Fees are updated on April 1.

All fee codes changed on April 1, 2016.

Fee code Unit (per) 2014 to 2015 2015 to 2016 2016 to 2017 2017 to 2018 2018 to 2019
339 Railway car or truck or container $14.09 $14.31 $14.54 $14.78 $6.67

Supplementary fees for official inspection may be applied to this service.

Description of service

Provision of optional official weighing services of grain discharged to railway cars, trucks and containers. Based on Canadian Grain Commission capability and capacity.

Service standard

  • One certificate is issued to the client within two business days of:
    1. approval of the official weight from Weighing Services; and
    2. determination of the grade and grading factors/results from  Inspection Services.

Performance target

  • The target for achieving this standard is set at 90%.

Performance information

Overall performance
Target 2015 to 2016 2016 to 2017 2017 to 2018
90% service not requested service not requested service not requested

Applying for optional weighing of railway cars, trucks or containers

  • The first level of contact for optional weighing is the Manager of weighing services in the regional office nearest you.
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