Making a payment claim

You have the right to make a claim when

  • A licensed primary elevator, process elevator or grain dealer refuses to or is unable to pay you for grain that you have delivered, or
  • The financial institution denies payment on your cash purchase ticket or cheque.

Make your claim immediately

  1. Contact the Canadian Grain Commission by telephone or email immediately.
  2. The Canadian Grain Commission will send you a payment claim form.
  3. Complete the payment claim form.
  4. Send the payment claim form, along with copies of grain receipts, elevator receipts, cash purchase tickets or cheques to the Canadian Grain Commission by fax or mail.

How compensation works

Payments to eligible producers are based on the amount of security posted by the company compared to the total monetary amount of eligible claims received. The company’s posted security may be less than the total of eligible claims. This means that even if your claim is eligible, you may not receive 100 percent compensation. The Canadian Grain Commission makes every effort to compensate producers for the full amount they are owed based on their eligible claims.