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Primary Elevator Annual Report – net handlings

The Canadian Grain Commission encourages primary elevator licensees to use the online reporting service to complete and submit Primary Elevator Annual Report – net handlings.

To secure and protect personal information, a username and password is required to access the system. Personal information collected is protected under the Privacy Act (Department of Justice Canada).

Using the Primary elevator annual report online service

Step 1

Sign up your company to use the online reporting service

To use the online Primary Elevator Annual Report, your company must be signed up. Once your company is signed up, you will not have to sign it up again.

Step 2

To use the online service for the first time, you must register your company using the link sent to your email.

Step 3

Sign in to enter Primary Elevator Annual Report – net handlings

Sign in to enter handlings information for each product that was handled at each station during the crop year, or upload this information via your electronic file. Stations that were not active but licensed during the crop year must be included.

Step 4

After entering the handlings information for each licensed station, you must confirm that each station is complete.

Step 5

Submit your Primary Elevator Annual Report – net handlings to the Canadian Grain Commission.

Obligation to report

Canada Grain Regulations, Part 3, Section 26(b): Primary Elevator Reports, states that:

26. Each primary elevator licensee shall submit to the Commission (b) not later than October 15 in each crop year, an annual report made on the appropriate form supplied by the Commission or acceptable to the Commission for each primary elevator operated by the licensee. [SOR/2000-213]

Failure to comply with your obligations under the Canada Grain Act and Canada Grain Regulations could lead to the suspension or revocation of your licence. Please note that it is a serious offence to make a false report.