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Finance division

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Cheryl Blahey
Chief Financial Officer

This page explains the function of the various sections within the Canadian Grain Commission's (CGC) Finance Division and provides you with an efficient route for contact.

Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, it is the responsibility of the CGC's Finance Division to authorize payments via cheques issued by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada.

The CGC has its main financial office located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Other administration offices, located in regions throughout Canada, report their financial activities to the main office. A report of all the CGC's financial dealings is then sent to the federal government of Canada, which is made available to the general public in the current CGC Performance Report.

Contact information to any of the regional administration offices can be found by referring to the CGC's regional administration office contact information.

You can help make finding answers to your inquiries more efficient by referring to the following information:

  • Inquiries to the CGCs Finance department
  • What to do if you misplace an invoice
  • Inquiries Accounts Payable can answer
  • Inquires Accounts Receivable can answer
  • Inquiries Procurement and Contracting can answer

Inquiries about goods and services provided to or received from the Canadian Grain Commission

If your inquiry is about goods or services provided to, or received from the CGC, please provide the following information:

  • The invoice or purchase order number in question,
  • The invoice or purchase order date in question,
  • Or, the cheque number in question

What to do if you misplace an invoice

If your inquiry is about a misplaced invoice, pleaseprovide as much of the following information as possible:

  • A description of the goods or services given or received
  • A transaction date
  • The name of the CGC department where the transaction took place
  • The names of CGC personnel you contacted

Accounts Payable

Goods and service providers to the CGC send their invoices to Accounts Payable. The CGC's Finance division in Winnipeg and in some regional offices processes invoices. Cheques are issued from Ottawa by Public Works and Government Services Canada. Team members can usually answer inquiries immediately. However, depending on the complexity of the inquiry, some inquiries may require troubleshooting and could take several days to correctly answer.

Inquiries that Accounts Payable can answer

  • My company has yet to receive a cheque for goods and services provided by them.
  • Why did my company received a cheque from the CGC?

Accounts Receivable

When a company receives an invoice from the CGC, it is sent via Accounts Receivable. Those who need clarification or an explanation of the various charges applied to their company, call Accounts Receivable. Team members can usually answer inquiries immediately.

Inquiries Accounts Receivable can answer

You can contact a team member directly and find answers to questions that are relevant to your account with the CGC. Accounts Receivable answer inquiries such as:

  • Why has my company been charged for a particular service?
  • What payment options does the CGC have?
  • Can you explain the invoice I received from the CGC?

Procurement and Contracting

Procurement and Contracting administers the agreements between service providers and goods suppliers to the CGC. They are responsible for purchases that range from paper clips to machinery.

Any company that wants to supply the CGC with either goods or services, must first be a registered supplier. Refer to Supplier Registration on the Government of Canada web site and you'll find not only added information, but also your company can register as a supplier electronically.

The CGC purchases all goods and services based on thresholds as stated in the following treaties or trade agreements:

  • Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements
  • North American Free Trade Agreement
  • World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement
  • Agreement on Internal Trade

By referring to the Trade Agreements Coverage Summary, you'll find a table showing the dollar value point where thresholds start for each trade agreement. This table is for reference only. For specific details regarding how each agreement might affect your company and its opportunity to participate in the bidding process call…

Inquiries Procurement and Contracting can answer

Procurement and Contracting answer inquiries such as:

  • I have a question regarding my supply contract with the CGC
  • I have a question about a purchase order the CGC placed with my company
  • Why was my company's bid rejected?
  • How does my company become a registered supplier to the CGC?
  • My company is located in a Country other than Canada, is it eligible to be a registered supplier?

The Canadian Grain Commission's Performance Report

Each year the CGC presents a Performance Report to the Federal Government of Canada that includes a Report on Plans and Priorities along with a Departmental Performance Report.

As a whole, the report has useful information about the CGC and its planned and actual departmental performance. Other issues and challenges, which industry and producers alike would find informative, are also discussed

For information on the CGC's financial performance, refer to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Departmental Performance Reports web page and select the desired Performance Report.


Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
Finance division
Telephone: (204) 983-2754
Fax: (204) 984-7213

Procurement, contracting and material management
Telephone: (204) 984-0437
Fax: (204) 984-7213