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Audit and Evaluation Services

Audit and Evaluation Services provides services to Canadian Grain Commission clients and staff.

For more information about the services available through Audit and Evaluation Services, please contact the Chief Audit Executive, Brian Brown.

303-303 Main Street
Winnipeg MB R3C 3G8
Telephone: Toll free 1-800-853-6705 or (204) 983-8541
Fax: (204) 983-0248

You may also use the Government Electronic Directory Services (GEDS) to find the contact information for a specific Canadian Grain Commission employee.


Audit and Evaluation Services provides the Canadian Grain Commission with:

  • Internal audit services
  • Program evaluation services
  • Advice to management
  • Support to the Departmental Audit Committee, which provides advice to the Canadian Grain Commission and is made up of the Chief Commissioner and two external members appointed by Treasury Board

Audit and Evaluation Services aligns with the Canadian Grain Commission’s mandate and priorities. It helps management improve the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of operations.

Audit and Evaluation Services began operations in the 2010-11 fiscal year.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit provides:

  • Independent and objective assurance services designed to add value and improve Canadian Grain Commission operations
  • A systematic and disciplined approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes

Internal Audit activities are:

Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation provides:

  • Independent and objective assessments of the continued relevance and cost-effectiveness of Canadian Grain Commission programs and initiatives
  • Support and advice on performance measurement and related strategies

Program evaluation activities are performed in accordance with Treasury Board’s 2009 Policy on Evaluation.